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Valencia Garcia


Born: 1963; Mexico


Valencia Garcia is a rising star in California’s world of art. He began painting at the age of twelve, and has striven since then to continually perfect his technique. His landscape and seascape compositions are widely admired, and his coastline scenes of Italy and the South of France in particular are deemed by many today to be among this genres most charming works.


Since his early career, Garcia has steadily developed a more three-dimensional quality in his work. Typically painting scenes of Baja, California, Valencia Garcia seemingly sculpts the canvas in order to enhance the textures in his compositions. The stucco walls, tiles and flowers of the villages he often depicts seem tangible to the viewer. Garcia’s warm colors and his extraordinary use of light have the central role of imbuing each work with the very vibrancy of life. Ironically, this vibrancy is complemented by a sense of peace and sheer contentment.


Valencia Garcia currently resides on the Baja Peninsula, enjoying the natural beauty of the region, which so inspires his work. Many believe he is at a breakthrough point in his career and that his talent is just now ascending the pinnacle of success.



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