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Greg Singley

Greg Singley (American, b.1950)


While pursuing a career in illustration, Greg discovered something, he loved to paint. Greg's works are mainly inspired by the art of Fritz Sholder and Paul Pletca. Their paintings inspired Greg to pursue fine art as a hobby while working as an illustrator. His style evolved over a period of several years. Greg, as many artists, started in watercolors, painting Native Americans. Then moving on to pastels of the Arizona landscape and wild cowboy art. It was by accident that Greg learned how much he liked to emulate Impressionism. He was working as an illustrator and designer when he was approached by an art press that asked him to paint Impressionist floral paintings. "After two or three paintings I knew this was it. I loved it. The Impressionist style was like a breath of fresh air.


The French Impressionist style is difficult to execute. It's a delicate application of personality and taste. The style is relaxing and friendly and just plain fun to look at as well as paint". Greg began by looking at Monet and Renoir paintings. Each night he sat with books of their works, dissecting each in his mind. He was trying to find out what made it look the way it did. He tried to join them and identify himself as an Impressionist but soon realized just how difficult it was to copy their works.


What was born out of this, was his own impressionistic style inspired by the French Impressionist magic. "I think I must have felt the same way the original impressionists felt; it's a feeling that tells me what to do". Many people say his works look photographic, which comes from a natural gravitation to realism because of his illustration background. "The illusion of reality is something that seems to be appreciated by fine art lovers. I hope that the people who look at my work will take the time to stand up close and enjoy the abstract use of color and brush strokes. For me, this is the real fun and excitement which collectively makes an image come to life".


Singley paints from the heart, with passion, and he chooses his colors instinctively, utterly without calculation. He will at times use a palette knife and even his fingers so he can apply paint to the canvas more directly, more intuitively, but he always uses a brush for the highlights and shadow strokes and other fine details. These methods have enabled him to imbue his paintings with a uniquely rich and vivid magnificence.

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