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Yuri Sidorenko


Yuri Sidorenko

(Russian, b. 1958) 

Yuri Sidorenko was born in 1958 in Sarov, Russia, a small city east of Moscow. He first began painting as a young child after receiving a set of watercolors from his parents for his birthday. The subsequent encouragement he received from his father and teachers fueled his desire to be an artist. He received an education in art from the Moscow Art School (1968-73); and in 1981, was awarded a Master of Arts Degree in Architecture and Interior Design by the Moscow Architectural College.

He has worked for the General Moscow Architectural Planning Committee designing the Soviet embassy in Vienna, Austria and in 1982, was accepted as a member of the Moscow Union of Graphic Artists -–a group known for protesting Soviet official art.

The artist has spent several years studying the Renaissance techniques of oil painting and drawing. Despite the lack of art materials in Russia, Sidorenko uses only the best art supplies that guarantee a longer life of his oil painting and graphic works. He uses the Rembrandt oil colors based on natural pigments, and makes the varnish himself using an old recipe with lavender oil and natural resins. His oil works and religious compositions are in private collections throughout the United States, Holland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, and in Constantinople and the Russian Orthodox Mission in Damascas, Syria.

Since 1990, Sidorenko has been living in Alaska as the guest of St John Orthodox Cathedral Community. He has completed the architectural design of the Chapel of St. Sergius of Radonezh, a private chapel adjoining St. John Cathedral, and all icons for the interior. He has recently donated an icon of St. Innocent of Alaska to the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral in Anchorage, and was commissioned to paint a special icon presented to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Contantinople, head of all Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches. Sidorenko has also participated in several successful art exhibits in Alaska, California, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Although he feels he has been most influenced by Rubens and Van Dyck, he feels that it is Sermiradsky, a Russian artist, who is a master of composition; he also highly admires the American painter Sargent for his free, colorful style. With regards to his own work, he says "In explaining my choice of style, I can say that eternal beauty can be expressed differently, but (that) my goal today is to continue the great tradition of European Romantic Realism.

Sidorenko shares his love of art with his wife Vera, a Russian folk artist. 

at all surprising as many in his family are highly artistic. Balyon studied art under the direction of his older brother Andre Balyon, as well as for two years under Dutch artist Hans van Moerkerken, and many other Dutch Painters.

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