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Adolf Sehring


Born: 1930; Russia


Adolf Sehringwas born June 8, 1930 in Russia to a Russian mother and German father, an art Director in the German Movie Industry. George Sehring, Adolf's father, was a master of many languages, a renowned portrait painter, theatrical designer for the State theaters and operas, as well as a designer of the elaborate parades which were popular during this period. 


Adolf started drawing at the age of six. By the time he was eight years old, young Adolf already won a number of local awards for drawing. Throughout his boyhood, and the terrible war years, Adolf was studying Art in Berlin and assisting his father in his theatrical designs From the age of 15-17, he won some of the most prestigious prizes offered in Germany.


His greatest contribution to the Korean War effort was a series of drawings and paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. They were painted on battle-jackets, helmets, note-books and walls of bunkers.


In 1954, Adolf and a partner started devoted to designing and importing furniture and accessories for interior designers. He realized he was spending his talents and the best years of his life working infields other than Fine Arts, so he sold his share in the business and moved to Virginia and started a new life.


Adolf first met Pope John Paul II in a café years before he became the Pope, when he was just a Cardinal. Adolf started sketching the Cardinal and when he was finished handed the sketch to him. Adolf Sehring's portrait of Pope John Paul II was formally presented to him in the Grotto at the Vatican in 1979. Adolf Sehring is the only American Artist to be commissioned to paint the Papal painting of Pope John Paul II.


Adolf Sehring passed away peacefully in Punta Gorda, Florida March 4, 2015, with his wife Mary and family by his side.


His works are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Grand Palais in Paris, U.S. Embassy to Sweden, Chrysler Museum, Mellons, Temple University, Museum of St. Mary's, Bayly Museum of Virginia, Hamilton Insurance Co., U.S. State Department and the Vatican, among many other private and public collections.

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