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Diana Reineke

Diana Reineke

(American, b. 1933) 

Diana Reineke, born in Nebraska in 1933, brings the allure of impressionism to life. Fascinated by light and its freedom and liquid quality, she declares "I love to watch sunlight filtering through leaves and branches, dancing along twigs and grass. I never know just what it is going to do when it hits the ground, reflecting surrounding objects and shapes from above".


Through patient experimentation of different techniques and various mediums, Reineke has mastered the secret of capturing sunlight and placing it on canvas. Using fresh pastel colors, her paintings have a very special magic – something that transcends technique.

Although she received and completed many portrait commissions (including one from the Governor of Nebraska) in the early days of her career, Reineke was never satisfied with her artwork. Moving to Los Angeles, she began studying under the tutelage of Theodore Lukits, a world renowned portrait artist and colorist. Suddenly, a whole new universe yet to be explored opened up before her. "I began to sense the true essence of light and space, giving greater depth and dimensions to my painting and bringing new life into it".

Now a very successful artist, Reineke identified with the American impressionists for their use of a brighter palette as opposed to the more subtle colors characteristic of French impressionists. She cites Edmund Tarbell and Frank Benson as her favorite artists for their sparkling foliage and summer sunlight. John Singer Sargent has also greatly inspired Reineke.

Reineke’s quality oils are matched by her superb pastels. Subtle gradations of color and tonal values render intense sensations of joy, compassion and tranquility. Whether a landscape or a charming Victorian scene, her works are timeless and natural. Shown in Nebraska, Texas and California, her award winning paintings are found in homes, university and corporate offices across the United States. Some of her clients well known to the public include singer Stevie Wonder, Minnie Ripperton and Kirk Douglas of whom Reineke did sketches for the television movie Amos. Her art has also been prominently featured on the television show Eye on L.A. A member of the Portrait Institute of New York, Diana Reineke has also been recognized for excellence by the American Portrait Society’s Credentials Committee. 

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