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Erich Paulsen


Born: 1932; Germany


Erich Paulsen was born in the small town of Treunbrietzen, just outside Berlin in 1932. He spent his early childhood in the region called "Mark Brandenburg", with its pine trees and uncounted small lakes. The shores of the Baltic Sea were part of his childhood surroundings. Many of his subjects are reminiscences of this romantic part of Germany. Attracted to the arts since childhood, he received his formal education in art at the Fine Arts Academy in Lower Saxony from which he graduated with honors.


His family moved west after the war, in search of safety, so it was Hamburg, where the aspiring young artist attended the Master-Class for Painting (Mesterchule der Malerei) from which he graduated with honors.


Paulsen chooses primarily landscapes, genre and coastal scenes as subjects for his paintings; his images of quaint old-world villages are particularly powerful for they seem to catapult the viewer back in time to simpler, more wholesome days. Implementing the palette knife technique and using assured impasto strokes to apply bold colors, this artist’s works are distinctive and captivate anyone’s imagination.


Seeking inspiration and new subject material for his compositions, Erich Paulsen has traveled extensively through Italy, Spain and the Alps. His paintings have been on exhibit all over the world in such major cities as Munich, Hamburg, Paris, London, New York, Chicago and Sydney. International art critics have praised his works and today, they can be found in many prestigious private and municipal art collections.



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