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Misha Moracha

Misha Moracha


"Lyrical, whimsical, a loving celebrations of life…" These are the words used to describe the talented work of Misha Moracha.

As a young man Misha enjoyed painting but it was not his primary focus in life. He was actually studying philosophy at the Sorbonne when a chance meeting changed his life. Misha came into contact with renowned European master Marco Celebonovich. He recognized the raw talent of Misha and was instrumental in placing Misha on the road to devotion to his talent.

In 1969 Misha immigrated to Southern California where he felt he would receive greater sensual stimulation. He studied at the Art Center where he fell under the influence of Lorson Fietelson. Fietelson was pioneering the "Hard Edged" movement in art. He introduced Misha to the work of his fellow artist friends Picasso, Braque, and Matisse.

The contagious spirit of these pioneering artists caught hold of Misha and his own work evolved towards the same direction. He began using it in his etching plates, creating a signature white line in the zinc to frame images. Art lovers and critics embraced his work, hailing it to be, as one New York critic put it, "A milestone in graphic art."

Misha’s work possesses a distinctly recognizable quality that has made him internationally known. His work has been shown in over 600 galleries around the globe and has been published by some of the most respected art dealers in the field.

His unique creations hang in such prestigious institutions as the Library of France in Paris, the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the headquarters for the City of Hope in New York, and the seat of Parliament in Rome. They can also be viewed in auction catalogs alongside the likes of Cézanne, Picasso, Dali, and Miro. In addition, Misha is a favorite of art collectors world wide, including famous personages such as Frank Sinatra, Henry Fonda, Lorne Greene, Lily Tomlin, Tina Turner and many others.

Today Misha divides his time between residences in the North of France and Los Angeles. He is often a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities throughout Europe and the United States. His two sons, Michael and Marco, share their father’s passion and gift for art, being talented artists in their own right.

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