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Miomir Cvetkovic

Miomir Cvetkovic

(Serbian, b. 1948)

Miomir was born in 1948 in Leskovac, Serbia. His parents were hairdressers, and as they worked a lot, he spent his childhood drawing to escape his loneliness and boredom. His father considered himself an artist in his field, participating in a hairdressing contest in Paris, where he took Miomir. The young teenager visited the Louvre, where he met the eyes of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (painter, sculptor and Italian inventor of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries).


He was ecstatic to observe the genius of the Renaissance and stills speaks with emotion about the day that sealed his fate as an artist. He also had a real passion for the work of Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch painter of the nineteenth century) who’s work " Starry Night " captivated him.


Exalted by these pictorial discoveries, he decided to study arts and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Nis in 1981 and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1985. Since then, he has taught art and enthusiastically encourages the new generation of Serbian artists, who he finds very promising.

Miomir began his own career as a sculptor, and didn’t turn to painting in oils and acrylics until a few years later. His works range between expressionism and art brut. The artist creates in a spontaneous and intuitive way. He paints blots of colour by impulse, which progressively come to life and sometimes reveal, to the surprise of the artist himself, boats, feminine silhouettes and other figures straight out of his imagination.


Once fascinated by shades of blue, he has expanded his range of colours and recently prefers warm, bright colours. This change has brought new life to his work and allows him to diversify and to excel. The artist finds inspiration in every aspect of the world around us and shares his vision with deliberate simplicity. Miomir considers himself extremely lucky to be able to express himself through art and hopes that, through it, he can transmit to us all of his optimism and zest for life.

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