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Stojan Milanov


Born: 1963; Yugoslavia


Whether painting a colorful French village displaying charming cottages and a simple way of life or painting the excitement and vitality of the streets of Paris in years gone by, Stojan Milanov has a distinct quality that reveals his superior talent and love of painting.


Stojan Milanov was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1963. His family was quite artistic and he was artistically inspired as a youngster. Naturally inclined towards the humanities as a child, young Milanov received his formal education at Belgrade’s University of Architecture.


Over the years Milanov cultivated his talent by continuing his study of fine art. Early in his career he was introduced to the works of renowned painter Paul Valere’s work. This introduction had a powerful influence on the direction Milanov’s work was to take. Delighted by the Loire Valley offering countless motifs, Milanov has since chosen this romantic location as the mainspring of his charming village scenes.


However, Milanov is extremely versatile in that he is capable of painting a wide variety of subjects. He is well known for his famous Parisian Street scenes full of spirited charm and vitality. Likewise, Milanov has created beautiful portraits, florals, city scenes, and landscapes which include the Loire Valley and vineyard scenes. Whatever the subject matter, Milanov’s brush strokes are assured and masterly. The paintings he creates are not only accurate and realistic, but full of life and beauty as well. Possessing an innate comprehension of color accordance and composition, Milanov’s artistic maturity far exceeds his young age.


His works have won People’s Choice Awards at our Galleries. Without a doubt, Stojan Milanov is promised a bright future, and is one of Simic Galleries’ most talented artists.



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