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Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins

(American, b. 1937)


Flowers strike a universally responsive chord, and Gary Jenkins is a master at orchestrating them into works of art. They appear effortless, yet if you look closely at his canvases, there is a precise balance in each of his still lifes. Proportion is a significant element in Jenkins’ work. Combinations of different flowers are delicate and graceful, harmonious and always relaxing.


Few still life painters today have achieved the life-like magic that Jenkins conveys. He skillfully captures the essence of nature while revealing to us his devotion to nature. His symphonies of color, rich and quiet, are fused into his flowers creating a work of art composed of petals, blossoms, and blooms that will never die.


Jenkins’ handling of flowers ranks as the finest. A sensitive use of pigment and color harmonies causes his forms to merge which creates, in turn, either a glowing or subdued effect. Meticulous draftsmanship gives his flowers a unique sense of being alive. Needless to say, the world of flowers is Jenkins’ first love. Besides recreating them on canvas, Jenkins is also an amateur horticulturist. Most of the flowers in his paintings are grown either in a hothouse or his garden. For the past eighteen years, Jenkins has marveled audiences with his nationally televised art show on PBS. He has done numerous workshops and seminars and his work has been seen in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States. Over thirty paintings by Jenkins have been reproduced in color. Hundreds and thousands of homes and offices across the country are graced with Jenkins reproductions.


Jenkins shares a love of art with his wife, who is also an artist. He is the father of three children and lives in California.

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