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Christian Henze


Christian Henze

(German, b. 1975)

Talented young artist Christian Henze was born in 1975 in Caprino at Lake Garda. As the son of the famous painter Ingfried P. Morro-Henze, the arts have played a formative role in Henze’s life since early childhood.

Desiring to further develop his talent, Henze enrolled at the Verona Academy where he studied both painting and architecture. He greatly admired one of his teachers at the Academy, Professor Guido Biroli, who became a guiding influence in his development.

The color compositions of Henze’s famous father clearly played a role in his artistic growth. In the opinion of experts and art critics familiar with J. P Morro-Henze's work, his creations demonstrate that he came as close as humanly possible to possessing a "perfect sense of color."

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