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Greg Harris

Greg Harris


(American, b. 1953)


Though more than a century has passed since impressionism first burst upon the art scene in Paris, its impact remains strong and its influence continues to infiltrate virtually every form of modern art. Today we see twentieth century impressionists carrying forth the traditions established by their predecessors, modifying, improving and redefining techniques developed in the 1880's. Greg Harris is one such artist.


Basically a self-taught artist, Harris combined years of personal research with his enrollment at the Art Students’ League in New York. This breadth of training provided him with a solid foundation and he mastered the principles of impressionism. With a strong command of the various styles used by impressionists, Harris was most significantly influenced by Benson and Tarbell (Boston School painters), Monet and William Merit-Chase. In 1981, Columbia Studios purchased eleven of his paintings for the motion picture "Annie".


Under the watchful eyes of critics, Harris has won numerous awards and blue ribbons for his art. He is praised for his professionalism, and art collectors across the nation enthusiastically embrace his art for its beauty and emotional impact. With a wide following in both America and Canada, Harris has proven that he has made his mark in the world of fine art.

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