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Robert Guilbert



Robert Guilbert

(French, b.1920) 

To think of Robert Guilbert, the artist is to envision bold cascading strokes, thickly rigid and textured upon the canvas, bursting with pure color and piercing the silence of any room. Decorative, sensitive and visually potent, his floral and nature scenes captivate the viewer and impress the art critic. In raucous like splashes of color, tulips bloom, daisies thrive, and a host of wildflowers grace a tabletop of marble or pine. Powerful, scintillating and spontaneous best describe his style, reminiscent of Van Gogh’s chaotic beauty.

Born in LeHavre, Normandy, France on October 13, 1920, Guilbert attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Le Havre from 1932 – 1935. Under the instruction of Raymond LeCourt, the next four years were spent in Fontain La Mallet, and later in Montivilliers, he met the renowned Impressionists Raoul Dufy and Othon Friez who further nurtured his career.

After World War II, he attended the L’Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris (1967 – 1973), refining his technique and adding new concepts and ideas to his already established forte with the field of floral art and nature painting. Guilbert’s formal training was again expanded when he entered the Academy La Grande Chaumiere during the years 1973 –1976. His name became associated with that of beautiful and inspirational art, challenging his predecessors in the impressionistic field.

Since 1976 Guilbert has exhibited permanently in two prestigious French galleries, and has recently been introduced to the American Fine Art market. His success is a reflection of his many years of artistic training, paying his debt to master the laws of art, and knowledge of color and the principles of balance and perspective.

He has the following honors to his credit: Gold Medal of the Painters of Normandy Exhibition, Gold Medal of Vimoutiers, France, First Place in Pontiose (Silver Tripod), Gold Medal of French Rotary Club, and prizes in both the 8th and 28th Salons in Flers.

Robert Guilbert specializes in the portrayal of light using half-tone shadows, and selecting subject matter in the regions of the Seine Valley and along the breath-taking coast of Britany. 

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