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Wang H. Gordon

Wang H. Gordon

(American, b. 1959)


Gordon was exposed to the art world at a very early age through his parents artistic surroundings, both being painters. He began his art instruction at the age of eleven, and received equal training by both his father and mother. During his academic training, Gordon's paintings were influenced by famous masters such as Monet, Bernard and Michelangelo. In 1983, he enrolled at the Massachusetts College of Art majoring in painting and illustration. He earned, along with several awards, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors standing. He has also instructed as an art teacher at a private New England academy, as well as teaching at the university level.

For Gordon, painting is a process in which the artist can interact with color and light. The striking juxtapositions of hues, which result in a now shimmering, now subdued and often dazzling sense of light is one of the outstanding characteristics of his work. Finding the traditional brush insufficient in expressing the vitality of his images,


Gordon has painted exclusively with palette knives for the past few years. Consequently, his work possesses an expressively opulent surface texture; the viewers are tempted to touch the dabs of paint on the canvas. These tangible facets contribute to the visual excitement created by the artist, playing with yet another light source, the light coming from the environment where the painting hangs. The paintings by Gordon captures nature and the out of doors with his captivating lighting. His interior scenes give the feeling of tranquility, as he is able to capture the mood of the very environment he paints.


Gordon has had many shows and his work is widely collected by universities, major banks, hotels and private collectors the world over.

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