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Lex Gonzalez, Jr.

Lex Gonzalez, Jr.

(Filipino, b. 1938)

Felix Gonzalez, Jr., son of the late well-known artist, Felix P. Gonzalez, was born in Manila on October 31, 1938.

Exposed to art early in his childhood, he did pencil drawings even before he reached school age. This he pursued with much dedication, which later proved to be a vital fact in his art career. Lex, as he is most commonly known, was in his senior year in the College of Architecture, when he decided to devote full time to painting.

His first attempt in joining an art competition won for him the third honorable mention for his painting entitled "The Exile" in a national art contest sponsored by the United Drug Company. That same year, he won the first honorable mention for his entry "The Crucifixion" in the National Press Club art contest. The turning point in his art career came in 1958, when he won the coveted first prize from among a select group of contemporary and conservative artists, in an art competition exposition. His winning entry, done in oil, was entitled "The Golden Harvest".

In 1968, he went on an educational observation tour of the United States. In Hawaii, he received offers to promote his works from such well-known personalities as Mr. Davis of Honolulu, the exclusive dealer of Leeteg’s works. In Los Angeles, several fine art galleries purchased his paintings.

For Lex, painting is a form of communication on the deepest and most lasting level, saying it must inspire as well as soothe the soul.

Working in his studio/art gallery in San Juan, Metro-Manila, his paintings range from landscapes to seascapes, still life's to portraits. His versatility is great and his myriad of compositions is captivating and beautiful. We are proud to present the works of Lex Gonzalez at Simic Galleries.

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