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Alfredo Gomez

Alfredo Gomez (Mexican, b. 1964)


Alfredo Gomez was born in the second largest city in Mexico; Guadalajara. The city is over four hundred fifty years old and has given rise to artists and architects renowned around the world. Afredo Gomez is proud of his rich heritage and gives back to it by painting magnificent still lifes of his native region with a palette brimming with deep natural colors reminiscent of the lush landscapes of tropical Mexico. Alfredo’s brushstrokes lend his hands to capture the very essence of his subject… tantalizing and intriguing.


He is a self-taught artist and has been painting since he was a teenager. Diligent, passionate and multi-talented, it is no wonder that Mr. Gomez has earned numerous awards in Mexico and the United States. He has exhibited his captivating paintings in both countries every year since 1984. Alfredo has exhibited in the Museum of Monterrey, Mexico and the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. Casual and fresh realism depict the mouthwatering images painted with natural ease found in nature and on Gomez’ canvas’. 

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