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Eugene Garin


Eugene Garin

(Russian, 1922-1994)

Born in Russia in 1922, Eugene Garin studied with the famous Russian artist Peter Effremovich Fedatov during his youth. The works of I. K. Aivazowsky later influenced him. Combining the traditional beauty of European art with contemporary techniques developed through creative genius, he broke the barriers of seascape painting techniques that had restrained artists for years.

Best recognized for his introduction of the "transparent wave" – often referred to as the "Garin Wave" – Garin’s technique was indeed revolutionary. Through his tremendous talent and imagination, he has taught and inspired many of today’s great seascape artists and is considered the patriarch of modern seascape painting.

Garin has been honored by inclusion in Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in California, The Encyclopedia of American Art and Artists, as well as the American Art Analog (an encyclopedia of this nation’s most influential artists over the past 200 years).


Garin is an artist who appeals to both the novice collector and the well-seasoned connoisseur. His paintings hang in major collections and hundreds of homes throughout the world. His artwork is part of the permanent collection of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, as well as that of the Presidential Palace in Panama. Garin has been featured in national magazines and his works have toured the world for public display.


To celebrate their 100th anniversary, William-Dimond and Co. commissioned Eugene Garin to recreate on canvas the maiden voyage of the American Maru, Japan’s largest and most modern container ship. The painting depicts the massive hull passing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and now hangs on permanent display in the company’s headquarters in Tokyo.


Eugene Garin’s work is also in the corporate collection of the National Association of Life Underwriters office in Washington, D.C., and the President’s office and the corporate boardroom of Rogers-Olympic, Inc. (a major steel manufacturing company in Seattle, Washington).


Admired by art critics and his contemporaries, Garin has continually brought joy to countless art lovers throughout the world.

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