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Raffaele Fiore


Born: 1961; Italy


Raffaele Fiore was born in Striano on 13th August 1961.

He began to paint when he was very young. As a matter of fact, he was fond of painting already as a young pupil. His bent for art became then a passion when he grew older.


His strong desire was to represent reality bringing up-to-date the masters of the past. Year by year he has been improving his potentiality as a very gifted painter and he has been doing it through patient and constant study of colour, techniques, composition and light.


Because of his continuous desire to experiment new artistic paths he has also produced sketches and portraits, which might seem an easy task but is a very difficult one indeed. Sketches and portraits are also a real expressive challenge for any painter who is worthy of this definition.


In 1993 he moved to Tuscany where he still lives and works.


In Tuscany he enriches and improves his experience through his collaboration with some of the most famous studios in the artistic centre of the old Florence. The above mentioned collaboration lasted some years and during this period Fiore reproduced most of all classical masterpieces of Italian and European nineteenth century. After that he went back to his personal realistic research of the previous period. 


For his latest works he chose Venice as a subject. As a matter of fact, Venetian Reflexes is the title of his latest works, where it is possible to recognize the whole skilfulness and the vividness of this painter’s style. It is hence possible to consider these works as autonomous ones.


Fiore proposes a personal vision of the chosen subjects, even without destructing their aesthetical value. His works have been appreciated from the very beginning of his career and they are part of many private collections. They are sold in Italy as well as abroad. They are also present every year at the most important national and international art shows.




Mazzucchi Art Gallery Venezia Italy

Petra Gallery Venezia Italy

Midtown Gallery Nashville USA

The Barefoot Gallery West Yorkshire UK

Galleria Nocchia Cortona Italy

Banks Fine Art Dallas USA

Atlas Galleries Chicago USA

Hallmark Gallery La Jolla USA

S. R. Brennen Galleries Palm Desert USA

Arnot Art New York US

Complements Art Gallery Warwick USA

Metropolitan art Gallery Cardiff by the sea USA

Galleria S. Giorgio Portofino Italy

Galleria Pontevecchio Firenze Italy

Galerie Otto Vienna Austria

Galerie Otto Monaco Germania

Valentinarte Bellagio Como Italy

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