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Jean d’Alheim


Born: 1840; Russia


Jean d’Alheim was born in Kursk, Russia, 1840, which was, co-incidentally, the same year that Claude Monet was born in France. D'Alheim’s grandfather was of French nobility and fled to Russia in 1792 along with Baron Jean- Baptiste d’Alheim, at the time of the French revolution. He also was descended from important and influential Russian families, most notably the Romanoffs. The artist settled in Paris shortly after his marriage to Alexandra Pushkina, a portrait and still life painter who became a popular artist in her own right. 


Jean d’Alheim was a painter of great merit, capturing the landscapes of France, Italy and Russia with brilliance and ease. He was a member of and exhibited with great success, at the prestigious Salon of the Societé Nationale des Beaux Arts in 1866, 1875 and 1878. The most remarkable of his personal exhibits was in Paris, in 1884, with 82 exceptional paintings of Naples, Venice and Capri. 


He always travelled the countryside of Europe with just a pack on his back, giving him freedom of movement. Thus, he was more able to capture on canvas the true beauty of the countryside…its skies, lakes and rivers, with his artistic sensitivity. He is known not only for his pure landscapes, but also for landscapes with figures, seascapes and flowers.


Jean d’Alheim died in Paris, at age sixty-two, after suffering for 13 days with  severe bronchitis. It was stated in his obituary, that he was not only a great painter and artist, but also a man of fine intellect. 


Museums: Béziers, Nice, Roanne, Troyes and Grenoble

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