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Sergio Cozzuol


Born: 1941; Yugoslavia


On February 1, 1941 the extraordinary artist Sergio Cozzuol was born in Pola, Yugoslavia.


In the beginning of his career as an artist, Cozzuol studied painting and design under the tutelage of Professor Rigon De Pellegrini at the Scala di Milano. After a short period of time, Cozzuol joined the Academy of Art in Vincenza. There he studied under Professor Otello De Maria. Otello had a deep influence on Cozzuol and helped to transform and guide him towards a more definite design and type of art.


Not yet twenty-three years old, Cozzuol transferred from Veneto to Milano to study with Professor Tomaselli. Under her adept guidance, Cozzuol perfected his artistic skill through the art of miniatures on precious metals, particularly gold and ivory. This experience truly effected his skill as an artist.


Soon Cozzuol’s gorgeous artwork opened the door for him to enter into German and Austrian galleries, which in turn took him to many other nations. The paintings of Cozzuol are now represented in every part of the world, although he does his primary work in Italy.


Today Sergio Cozzuol lives and paints in Geneva, where he finds ample inspiration for his continued beautiful artwork.


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