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Juan Castillo


Born: 1949; Mexico


From his humble beginnings in Mexico to his status as one of that country’s most important living artists, B. Castillo’s ascent has been remarkable in every respect.


Castillo was born in 1949 in the town of Chalchihuites. In his desire to become an artist, young Castillo faced several challenges, among them his father’s disapproval. In support of her talented son, Castillo’s mother would take him out to the barn at night to sketch by candlelight. As he got older, Castillo wanted to attend art school but alas, there were none nearby. Not to be discouraged, the determined Castillo enrolled in a mail-order class, selling newspapers to pay for his education.


In the succeeding years, Castillo’s dedication led him to an understanding of all schools of painting and to the development of his own distinct approach. Castillo has long admired the work of Rembrandt, Robert Wood, and many of the impressionists. Joaquin Sorollo and Edouard Manet have particularly influenced his paintings.


Castillo's work is characterized by a radiance of colors. This, coupled with the unusual vantage point of his compositions, imparts a dramatic feeling that gives the viewer the sense that he or she is "right there". Castillo depicts stormy clouds gathering in the mountains, the many moods of the ocean, deserts turning brilliant shades, streams running through the midst, and other favorite subjects. Whatever Castillo paints, his masterful use of color and perspective sets his work apart.


Castillo has won awards in numerous international competitions and has been written up in such distinguished publications as Southwest Art and Art and Antiques Magazine. His work has graced several notable collections, including those of Red Skelton, Ringo Starr, Frank Sinatra, Actor Leonard Nimoy and tennis player Raul Ramirez.


For B. Castillo, the most important aspect of art is "to make people happy, looking at nature’s beauty". We at Renoir Art Gallery are proud to represent this important artist and his unique work.


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