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Bogachev Andrey


Bogachev Andrey

(Russian, b. 1951)

Russian artist Bogachev Andrey was born in 1951 in Saratov. He spent his childhood and youth on the biggest Russian river, the Volga. Having a love and talent for painting, Bogachev pursued artistic schooling. He graduated from the Saratov School of Fine Arts in 1974. Afterwards he worked as a teacher of fine arts and composition.


In 1978 Bogachev decided to continue his education and perfect his style and technique. He enrolled as a student at the famous St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture, named after L.E. Repin. He studied under the guidance of his teacher Boris Uchakov, a member of the Academy Academician. Bogachev later graduated from the Academy in 1984.


The artistic interests of Bogachev have links with historical and contemporary themes. His love of still life and landscape scenes has been a driving force throughout his artistic career. Bogachev is always optimistic and his personality shines through his beautiful paintings.


Today Bogachev lives and works in Voronezh. He is currently a professor at the Voronezh State Academy of Fine Arts, as well as a member of the Russian Artists Union. He has participated in many local and all-Russian exhibitions and has held a number of exhibitions in Great Britain, France, Holland and Germany. Bogachev is known to be a wonderful master of the Russian motif and as such he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Soviet Union.


The art work of Bogachev Andrey can be found in private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, and the United States, as well as other countries.

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