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David John Birmingham


David John Birmingham

(British, b. 1937)

Born in London, England in 1937, David John Birmingham studied at the Royal College of Art in Brighton, England and subsequently received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of London. Following his university studies, Birmingham further cultivated his artistic skills under the tutelage of several art institutions, including the Academie Charpentier and Atelier Rotterud in Paris as well as the Atelier Marais in Cabris, France and the Art Institute of Miami.

Over the years, Birmingham has evolved into not only an accomplished artist, but an educator as well. Between 1972 and 1977, he served as instructor and registrar of the Art Institute of Miami: and, since 1977, has held the position of Academic Director at the South Florida Art Institute. He concurrently trains young artists in painting, drawing, sculpture, anatomy, and design.

The rich density of colors and unusual composition of Mr. Birmingham’s paintings make them a feast for the senses. This artist’s spirited use of intense hues for his often serene settings produces an atmosphere that is at once soothing and exciting, evoking in the viewer a true sense of awe.

His works have been shown in Europe as well as in the United States and form part of many prestigious collections, such as those of Countess Hamon de Raguenel of Paris, France, the honorable Benjamin Cobb of Cobb Hall, England, and the Museum of Modern Art in Miami, Florida.  

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