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Paolo Bigazzi


Paolo Bigazzi 

(Italian, b. 1945)

Talented artist Paolo Bigazzi was born in Liovorno, Italy in 1945. A lover of the arts, at an early age Bigazzi discovered that he had a talent for painting. He decided to pursue his talent and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Art in Florence, where he studied under Piero Annigoni who helped him to develop and perfect his technique.

After his graduation, Bigazzi moved to Provence in 1962. Bigazzi continued to paint and soon became friends with Picasso while he worked on his ceramics in Vallory. He enjoyed the company and camaraderie of the fellow artist and gained much from the experience.

As Bigazzi became well known in the art world, he continued to exhibit his work, which has been highly regarded by collectors. He is particularly known for his breathtaking landscapes and sweeping panoramic views.


Paollo is able to capture the beauty and color of the countryside with a freshness and vivacity that leaves the viewer desiring more. Bigazzi continues to paint his beautiful creations and his work has been shown in various countries.

Simic Galleries is pleased to bring the fine artwork of Paolo Bigazzi to art collectors around the world.


1985 – Beverly Hills, California
1992 – Iseten, Tokyo
1992 – Vienna, Austria
1994 – Milan, Italy
1995 – Pala Gagliardi, Aosta
1995 – Expo, Hari
1996 – Ottagono Arte, Venice
1998 – Centre de Rencontre Internationale, Monte Carlo
2000 – EUROART

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