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Nanne Balyon


Nanne Balyon

(b. 1960, Dutch)

Born in the Hague, Holland in 1960, Nanne Balyon’s innate artistic skills were apparent even as a small child – not at all surprising as many in his family are highly artistic. Balyon studied art under the direction of his older brother Andre Balyon, as well as for two years under Dutch artist Hans van Moerkerken, and many other Dutch Painters.

Balyon has developed a remarkable command of the artistic spectrum – light, depth, detail, color and draftsmanship, but most importantly, balance. Favoring the charming Dutch landscape, Balyon is able to convey the various moods of the different seasons. His subject's range from crisp winter scenes to bright, verdant views of summer and the budding spring countryside. His paintings attract many, for they illustrate the life, traditions, and architecture of Holland’s lowlands.

Nanne Balyon resides in his native Holland with his wife and six children in a small country village. His works are found in many collections, including that of Van Agt, Holland’s former Prime Minister, and of the Minister of the European Economic Commission in Tokyo, Japan. Karel Vuursteen, president of Heineken, and Philips president Cor Boonstra. He made a large work of art in the headquarters of Shell Rotterdam. Nanne Balyon is also well known in Holland because of a number of television shows, and from a number of large wall paintings in and near the city of Amsterdam.